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About TYBM

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Our mission is to provide elite level golf coaching to all skill levels of players. To provide holistic information on the game helping our players understand their swing and mental capabilities, to achieve their maximum potential, to stop the search and enjoy themselves. 


Thank You Birdie Much is a golfing community that will continue to grow to provide the highest level of golfing services, coaching and media.

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Most online learning facilities for golf have you send a video then return a video with a few tips that may help but don't allow you to fully understand why the tip works. The others just give you access to a bunch of videos for you to decipher by yourself choosing which you think are relevant to you. Leaving you lost and guessing! Often doing more harm then good.

At TYBM we have the best of both worlds plus a new and exciting take on golf video learning. 

Firstly there will be access to a world renowned coach, Ian Triggs who will personally review videos provide world class personalised teaching to your video.


Secondly you will have access to all of our coaching videos, the dedicated and growing TYBM YouTube channel. You will be pointed in the right direction to the instructional videos most relevant for you, whether it be fixing that grip to fix those snap hooks or getting your sequencing right to maximize your stretch recoil to boost your drives further than ever before. You will also have access to a personalized video drill data-base, filled with all the drills relevant to your swing and be provided with a training regime that is designed with time sensitivity in mind. Getting you to playing your best golf!

Finally every video will be specially edited using high end video editing software. Hollywoods #1 post solution with 2D and 3D tools for visual effects and motion graphics along with advanced animation curves and keyframe editors that allow incredibly organic and realistic animations with 3D camera tracking.  Using this sophisticated software your videos will be sent back in a format that pauses on key parts within the swing, plays in frame by frame slow motion, helps you compare good vs bad swings by placing them side-by-side/superimpose, measure specific angle and swing tempo. Your previous  swings will also be compared to easily review your progress throughout your personal golfing journey. The video editing integrates the information provided by your coach and will allow you to see what specifics are being referred to as if you were standing next to your coach. Reviewing video side by side on the range giving you a better understanding about how your swing works and why things work or don't work. In the long run this will help you identify problems that may popup which, could just save your round! 

The end Goal

The end goal with TYBM is to provide every golfer with the power to understand their own swing, to be their own best coach and most importantly to allow golfers to STOP the search and enjoy playing the game the best they can.   

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