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Getting The Right Shot

If you have opted for one of our TYBM continued training plans then having consistency of angle and shot is key for comparing between past videos.

If possible we want to make sure to get 120+ FPS when videoing so that we do not miss any key frames for analysing like the impact position, this is particuly important for people with faster swings. 

All videos should be recorded in horizontal mode (because that is better!)

TYBM Correct shot pic_2.1.1.jpg

All videos need be recorded at hand height at golfing address position. 

When creating a video for analyzing it is important that we get as much detail from the same angle. Consistency is key for being able to compare between your videos.

Videos down the line

Videos should be recorded behind the hands at golfing address position when doing a down the line video-shot and should still contain the club at the top of the swing.   (generally 5 meters back)

TYBM correct club at top._2.3.1.jpg
Filmed on the floor
TYBM on the ground corsss_2.1.2.jpg

In this shot you cant make out what is actually happening in the swing - also the ball is not even in the shot. 

Filmed on floor and in vertical
TYBM Virtical on ground cross_2.1.1.jpg

Everything is in the shot but because it is shot in vertical everything is far away and hard to make out. 

TYBM Front on Correct_2.2.1.jpg

Videos filmed front on should be centered at hand height in the center of the persons body (this does not necessarily mean centered at your hands if at address your hands are push forward, positive or back behind the ball) making sure the ball is in shot at the bottom of the video and the club is still visible at the top of backswing. (generally 5 meters back)

If you have found that you need more or less distance to achieve these shots remember the distance you were back for your first video and keep doing the same distance for your future videos to keep the consistency for later comparisons.

There will be a reminder on the video upload page.

Filmed at right height but to close
TYBM toclose down the line cross_2.2.1.jpg
TYBM DTL club in frame_2.1.1.jpg

The club is not in the picture at the top. We cant tell where the club is positioned and what the transition looks like. 

Filmed right height but to close and on slant
TYBM front on too close cross_2.1.1.jpg
TYBM Correct front club at top_2.2.3.jpg

The club is not in the picture at the top. The video is on a slant it will be hard to keep things consistent as the videos get compared to each other. 

Videos that do not meet the above description will still be accepted and we will do our best. The above is for best results!

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